3 Ways to Celebrate Foot Health Awareness Month


April is Foot Health Awareness Month and here at Goldsmith Podiatry we believe in helping patients be proactive in taking care of their podiatric health. Below are three ways to celebrate this health observance that can lower your risk of foot disorders and put you on the path to better foot and ankle health.

1.       Buy a New Pair of Shoes

Perhaps the single biggest step you can take to prevent podiatric problems is to make good footwear choices. Get your feet measured professionally. Foot size can change over time. Many people are wearing shoes that are too small for their feet. Buy shoes that are well made of natural materials that allow feet to breathe. Look for good ankle and arch support. Shop at the end of the day—that’s when feet are their largest—and take the time to walk around the store wearing both shoes to make sure they are comfortable.

2.       Stay on Top of Existing Podiatric Conditions

If you have suffered a foot or ankle injury or are dealing with a chronic disorder, it’s important that you schedule regular checkups with our podiatrists, Dr. Howard Goldsmith or Dr. Rosanna Troia and follow the foot doctor’s instructions for treatment and rehabilitation. Neglecting to do exercises, physical therapy or wear a custom orthotic, if prescribed, can increase your risk of long-term disability and even result in the need for surgery. Don’t skip foot doctor appointments at our Upper West Side office. If a prescribed treatment is causing discomfort, tell the podiatrist so another solution can be found.

3.       Develop a Good Foot Care Regimen

Giving your feet a few minutes each day can pay off in a life time of good foot health. Wash feet daily with soap and water and dry completely. As you wash your feet, examine them and look for changes that may indicate the start of a foot problem, such as changes in skin color, rashes, bruises, swelling, growths or other abnormalities. If you find anything suspicious, please contact us for an appointment by calling: 212-877-1002.