Help Your Child Prep for Spring Sports


At Goldsmith Podiatry, we often see children and teens in our Upper West Side office when the sports season changes. Why? Too often, the start of a new season is fraught with injuries. Many of these can be prevented, however, if parents and young athletes take a few precautions.

Take Care of Foot and Ankle Pain

If your child has been experiencing any foot or ankle pain, it’s essential to schedule a check up with one of our, podiatrists, Dr. Howard Goldsmith or Dr. Rosanna Troia by calling: 212-877-1002. Overuse injuries, such as Sever’s disease (characterized by heel pain) and stress fractures are common in youth who do a sport every season without a break. If your child has suffered a podiatric injury in the past, it’s a good idea to have the foot doctor re-check the affected area. In some cases, the podiatrist may recommend a custom orthotic device to be worn in the shoes to help shift weight away from a vulnerable area or to help correct a biomechanical problem.

Do a Shoe Check

The correct footwear for the sport your child will be playing is arguably their most important piece of equipment. If your youngster is serious about their sport and will be participating in multiple practices and games each week, it’s worth investing in shoes specifically designed for the sport she or he will be doing. Today’s sports shoes are designed to accommodate and facilitate the exact types of movements a sport requires. The proper arch and ankle support and a good tread can go a long way toward preventing damage to feet and ankles. If you child has a pair of shoes from last season, there’s a good chance they will not fit. Have their feet measured to ensure you get the correct size. As tempting as it may be from a cost standpoint, wearing hand-me-down shoes is not recommended as shoes do conform to the shape of their owner’s feet.

Start Conditioning

Lastly, if your child has spent the winter on the couch glued to their phone or playing video games, make sure they get moving well before their first practice. Start by simply walking, riding a bike or doing some kind of physical activity regularly to get muscles and tendons warmed up. Ask the coach for stretches and conditioning exercises to pave the way for a healthy sports season.