Prepping for Foot Surgery


At Goldsmith Podiatry, we always try to treat foot and ankle disorders with the most conservative methods possible. However, in some cases, surgery becomes the only option for restoring foot function and enabling a patient to continue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. It’s normal to have some reservations and fears about an upcoming podiatric surgery. A little preparation, however, can go a long way to alleviating your concerns and preparing you for a smooth recovery. Below are some suggestions for how to prepare for foot surgery.

Get your questions answered. Decrease fear of the unknown by getting all the information you need to understand your surgery and the recovery. Our podiatrists, Dr. Howard Goldsmith and Dr. Rosanna Troia, will take the time to answer all your questions and make sure you are comfortable and confident about an upcoming surgical procedure. Don’t hesitate to ask about the surgery itself, anesthesia, pain management, length of recovery time, and anything else that is on your mind.

Prep your home. One way to make your recovery period less stressful is to arrange your home in a way that will be comfortable and safe while you heal. If you will not be able to climb stairs immediately following your surgery, you may need to arrange a main floor sleeping space. If you will have to be off your feet or have only limited ability to bear weight, make sure that you are close to the bathroom and that you can have a table close to the bed with everything you need (i.e., phone, tv remote, water, books, etc.). If you will be using crutches or a scooter, clear pathways to make it possible to get around.

Clear your schedule. Ask the podiatrist how long it will be before you can drive, return to work, and resume other regular activities. Arrange for time off from work and re-schedule family and other social activities until your recovery should be complete. Don’t try to shortcut the recovery process or you may experience a setback.

Line up some help. If family and friends ask if they can help, say “yes!” Drivers for other family members, prepared meals, and someone willing to help with household tasks, run errands or even just sit and visit will all help make your recovery less stressful and more pleasant.

If you have additional concerns about upcoming foot surgery, contact Dr. Howard Goldsmith or Dr. Rosanna Troia at our Upper West Side office in Manhattan, New York by calling: (212) 877-1002. For concerns about your foot health, schedule an appointment today!