4 Ways to Prevent Children’s Foot Problems


At Goldsmith Podiatry, we treat patients of all ages. This unique patient population has unique needs and unique challenges.  Children are more susceptible than adults to certain foot and ankle conditions such as athlete’s foot, warts, and fungal infections due to their habits and the environments they play in. As parents, however, there are steps you can take to help reduce your child’s risk of podiatric problems.

  1. Get a visual—just as with adults, regularly inspecting the feet of your children can catch problems in their earliest stages. Get in the habit of looking over children’s feet at bath time or when dressing them. Look for bruises, swelling, redness, changes in skin or toenail color. If you see anything unusual or concerning, contact our Upper West Side office in New York City for an appointment so that our podiatrists, Dr. Howard Goldsmith and Dr. Rosanna Troia, can take a look and take care of any problems before they become serious.

  2. Teach good habits—make sure your children wear flip-flops or shower shoes when they are at the pool, beach or any place where people walk barefoot. Explain to your children that it is important not to share towels, socks, shoes, soap or anything else that touches another person’s feet in order to avoid infections.

  3. Monitor shoe size—children’s feet can increase a full size in under six months. Check to see how close toes are to the front of the shoe frequently. Look for signs of blisters or redness that may indicate shoes are getting too tight.

  4. Be aware of signs of foot pain—sometimes children, particularly young ones, are not always very articulate about something hurting on their foot or ankle. Instead, you may notice one or more of the following clues:

●        Decreased interest in games and physical activities they normally enjoy

●        Lagging behind friends in sports and backyard play

●        Limping or walking on tip toes

●        Frequently tripping or falling

If your child exhibits any of the above signs or complains of pain in his or her foot in the Upper West Side NYC, contact us by calling: 212-877-1002. You can also schedule an with Dr. Howard Goldsmith  appointment online.