Avoiding Foot Infections


At Goldsmith Podiatry a common reason patients come to us is foot infections, such as athlete’s foot, fungal toenails or warts. Although infections can have a number of causes: viral, bacterial or fungal, they share similarities in how they are spread. Below are some tips for preventing foot infections:

  • Keep your feet covered in public places. Foot infections are contracted by direct contact. They also thrive in moist, warm areas. For that reason, gym locker rooms and showers, yoga and karate studios and indoor pools are all common locations for fungi and bacteria to grow.

  • Practice good podiatric hygiene. Wash your feet every day with soap and water. Dry thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the spaces between your toes because that is where athlete’s foot usually begins.

  • Alternate your shoes. Being in closed shoes during the winter months with heated cars, offices and stores also create a great breeding ground for fungal and bacterial conditions. Alternating your footwear allows shoes a day or more to air out.

  • Keep feet dry. To combat the moisture factor that increases the chances of a foot infection, change your socks as soon as you notice that they are damp from weather conditions or sweat. If you perspire heavily, consider using an anti-fungal foot powder to help feet stay dry.

  • Don’t share. When it comes to towels, socks, shoes, pedicure tools or any items that touch feet, however, sharing significantly increases your risk of getting foot infections.

If you see any signs of an infection—red, itchy, flaky or dry skin, blisters, rashes or raised growths—contact our Upper West Side office promptly by calling: (212) 877-1002. This is particularly urgent if you have diabetes. Our podiatrists, Dr. Howard Goldsmith or Dr. Rosanna Troia will evaluate your condition and determine what type of infection you have. There are several types of treatment available, including topical ointments, laser treatment, and others. For more information about skin and toenail infections, contact us.