5 Feet Friendly Gifts for Dad


In June, we’re celebrating men at Goldsmith Podiatry because it’s Men’s Health Month. It’s also the time of year when we celebrate one the most important men in our lives: Dad. If you’re stumped for a gift for your dad this Father’s Day, why not consider something that will help protect the health of his feet? Below are some useful suggestions Dad is sure to appreciate.

1.       New Shoes—one of the most effective ways of preventing many foot and ankle disorders is by wearing good quality shoes that fit properly. Consider giving dad a gift certificate for a new pair of work, dress or sport shoes. Choose a store that has a reputation for well-made footwear and a knowledgeable staff that can professionally measure your Dad’s feet and fit him with a pair of shoes that best suits his feet.

2.       Moisture Wicking Socks—is your Dad a fan of hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities? A good pair of moisture-wicking socks can help keep Dad’s feet dry and comfortable for hours of outdoor fun. Feet that are not stuck in socks damp with perspiration are much less likely to develop athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.

3.       Gym Membership—help Dad increase flexibility and balance and work off unwanted pounds with a membership at a local gym. Offer to go with him and it will be an opportunity to spend time together as well as increase foot and physical health.

4.       Spa Kit for Feet—while your Dad may not be interested in a professional pedicure, a foot powder to apply in the morning before putting on socks and a rich moisturizer to use at night before bed will help prevent foot issues and give Dad a little manly pampering.

5.       Podiatric Checkup—if you know your Dad suffers with chronic foot or ankle pain, bring him in to our Upper West Side office for a complete foot and ankle examination. Our podiatrists, Dr. Howard Goldsmith or Dr. Rosanna Troia will get to the bottom of his foot trouble and prescribe the appropriate treatment to bring him relief.