4 Foot Disorders that Sound Scarier Than They Are


Halloween just ended and was the time for ghouls and goblins and frightening creatures. At Goldsmith Podiatry, one thing that we think should not be scary is getting treatment for foot problems. Sometimes, however, the name of a foot disorder can sound frightening. Before you run away screaming we want to reveal the more commonly known names for these disorders and what you can do to prevent them.

Onychomycosis—medical term for fungal toenail. This condition is often not painful but the ugly appearance of thickened, yellow, discolored nails that are crumbling at the edges often brings patients into our New York City office for treatment. Fungus loves warm, moist places. The inside of your shoes, for example, is a perfect breeding ground, as are the floors at the gym and communal showers. We treat fungal toenails with laser treatments that are painless and can restore your nails with no downtime and no risk.

Tinea Pedis—you more likely know this itchy and aggravating condition as athlete’s foot. Like fungal toenails, athlete’s foot breeds in warm, damp places and is highly contagious. It’s spread by direct contact and that’s why not sharing shoes, socks, towels, nail clippers and other items that touch another person’s feet can go a long way to preventing athlete’s foot.

Edema—a fancy term for swelling. Edema of the feet or ankles can be very uncomfortable. Edema frequently affects women during pregnancy. Most of the time, staying hydrated, avoiding standing for long periods of time, and putting your feet up periodically can help reduce swelling.

Xerosis—this exotic word simply means a case of extremely dry skin. Using a rich moisturizer several times a day can help in conjunction with not taking overly hot showers and drinking plenty of fluids. Frequently wearing open-backed shoes can also increase your risk for xerosis.

Although these are not high-risk conditions, they can become a nightmare if left untreated. If you have any unusual skin or toenail conditions or notice any changes, pain or discomfort in your feet, make an appointment with one of our podiatrists, Dr. Howard Goldsmith or Dr. Rosanna Troia, to get your feet examined. Contact us today at (212) 877-1002.