Foot Essentials for Tropical Travels


Cold temperatures and frozen precipitation are leading many New Yorkers to the nearest travel agency to book a warm weather getaway. At Goldsmith Podiatry we are happy for any of our patients who are able to plan a vacation to someplace warm at this time of the year, and we want you to be prepared for a fun and safe trip. Below are some important items to pack to ensure good podiatric health while you’re away.

Pack: Flip-flops

Why: Blue water, sandy beaches, resort pools—these are some of the places you may be dreaming of. They are also places where fungal and bacterial infections are lurking, waiting to come in contact with the feet of unsuspecting vacationers. Always keep your feet covered when walking in public places. Even to go from your lounge to the pool bar, slip on your flip-flops—one encounter with fungi or bacteria is all it takes to end up with an unwelcome souvenir like athlete’s foot or a wart.

Pack: Nail tools

Why: Nail clippers and an emery board can save the day if you get a jagged or broken toenail on your trip. Leaving a rough nail untrimmed can result in it catching on something and tearing, leaving you open for an infection. If you get a pedicure while you’re away, have the salon use your own tools to reduce the risk of fungal nails.

Pack: Moleskin

Why: Sweaty feet create friction between your skin and your shoes. Carry a small piece of moleskin with you and apply if you feel a spot on your foot getting irritated or sore. This can prevent painful blisters from forming which can quickly put the brakes on your fun in the sun.

Pack: Water Bottle

Why: In addition to usual health benefits of staying hydrated in a hot climate, drinking plenty of water can help you avoid uncomfortable swelling in your feet and ankles.

Pack: Sneakers

Why: You may plan just to lie around the pool or beach all day but opportunities to shop, hike or explore local attractions may entice you once you arrive at your destination. Sandals or flip-flops are not designed for long periods of walking and could cause an ankle sprain or other injury.

If you notice any unusual podiatric symptoms after your trip, don’t wait. Make an appointment at our Upper West Side office so that our podiatrists, Dr. Howard Goldsmith or Dr. Rosanna Troia, can diagnose your foot problem and prescribe treatment if necessary.

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