Holiday Treats for Your Feet


At Goldsmith Podiatry, we know that you probably spent a significant amount of time shopping for the perfect gifts for everyone on you list. But, how about a present for you—or more specifically, your feet? They’ve worked hard this holiday season and deserve a treat. Below are some suggestions:

  • The Spa Treatment—there are several gifts that will pamper your feet and soothe away aches and stress. Start with a massager—either manual or electronic. Foot massage not only makes tired, sore feet feel great, it can help relieve symptoms of several chronic foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis. Soak feet in warm water and lavender oil for relaxation. Dry feet completely and rub in a rich, emollient lotion. Finish with a pair of warm fuzzy socks.

  • Home Makeover—a wonderful present that can help take the pressure off your feet are anti-fatigue mats. Place these cushioned mats in places where you spend long periods of time standing, such as in front of the kitchen sink or counter, in the laundry room and by your standing desk. You can lower the risk of falls and toe injuries by removing clutter and low accessories such as plant stands and magazine racks from the floor and installing better lighting throughout your home.

  • Fashion and Fitness—the gift that keeps on giving for your feet is a new pair of good quality shoes. If you are a fashionista, it’s time you abandoned spiky heels with narrow, pointy toes. They are harmful to your feet if worn for long periods of time and can cause or worsen toe deformities such as bunions and hammertoes. Find an attractive pair with a heel under two inches. For sports activities, choose a shoe specifically designed for what you do. Get your feet professionally measured to ensure a proper fit. If you have an existing foot condition, ask our podiatrists, Dr. Howard Goldsmith or Dr. Rosanna Troia for suggestions on the best shoe designs and styles to accommodate your feet.

The best gift you can give your feet is taking good care of them and dealing with any pain or discomfort in a timely manner.

If your feet are hurting you, make an appointment at our New York city office, conveniently located on the Upper West Side, by calling: 212-877-1002.